Steps to a fitter life!

Its never easy to make a change. I recently read that as people we are only prompted to change something when the pain of doing nothing is greater that the effort of making a change.

Does that sound familiar?

How many times have you waited until something, a job, a relationship, a messy drawer, was so unbelievably difficult to live with that we had no choice but to make it stop?

What would life look like now if you had acted sooner? And what was it that held you back? What if you lived everyday with the intention of being a little better than yesterday?

When it comes to fitness I hear, and have made, plenty of “reasons” ……..

I don’t have time.

I won’t be able to keep up.

I will be too sore after my workout.

I am too tired.

I cant afford classes/membership/a trainer.

I will do it tomorrow.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!! Tomorrow never comes, you cant afford not to look after your health, you will have more energy after your workouts, the soreness subsides, you will keep your own pace, and if you have the time to read this, then you have the time for a workout!

Find a class you enjoy, bring a buddy for accountability, and put it in your diary like any other important appointment. Once you start keeping going is easy!

Sometimes you need to put the excuses to one side, dust off your can do attitude and just do it! Motivation is like any other muscle, you have to flex it regularly to keep it strong. But the great news is, it only takes one small step to put you on the path to a fitter life.



When you are ready, we are here waiting xx






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