Time to take on something new

So we are happily settled in our new home( well pretty much…there are still a few bits to finish) and never one to rest on my laurels I have decided to take on a new project.

Something has been nagging at me for years to get the online platform ready and finally after a lot of research, a stalled start and a good many sleepless nights, I have found my system!

You see I do believe that you can achieve anything if you are willing to work for it, just look at how much the studio and fabulous community here have grown! I also know how much work goes into setting something up from the ground. Sometimes the answer is simpler than you thought.

For a long time I have followed some amazing online Fitness coaches who are real inspiration to me. They have a great system, a super community and most of all they GET RESULTS! Results are what we really want…. it is what motivates you as clients and me as a trainer. I believe that what I need to deliver is a results driven program and rather than start from scratch this time I am going to use the tools and systems already tried and tested and be able to reach out and deliver to people not just here, but anywhere! I am so freaking excited!!!!!!

Not only do I get to launch my online program properly and reach out to ladies who are too far away to make classes here, profesionals who work crazy hours and need a portable system, and mamas who work even crazier hours and need a plan that fits the most hectic schedule, but best of all……….

This time I don,t have to do it alone!

If you are now or ever have been self employed you know that there can be very long and lonely days. The weight of all the jobs from cleaning the floors to marketing to cash reporting and customer falls to you. And in the very early stages you cant always justify the outlay for help. Sometimes it is just stubbornness and ego and this is a terrible combination.

Learning to look for support, to ask for help when you need and to get out of your own way is tough, but wow is it worth it! I am now about to launch something that was only a pipe dream for so long and I have a tribe of people behind me who are there to support me through it.

When you are looking for solutions remember to be open to possibilities. Ask for help when you can and never let your ego get in the way of being part of something wonderful. The opportunities are there for you if you are willing to see them.

Are you ready to start something new? We are happy to help,

Jess x

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