Starting fitness from the inside

When you hear the word “Fitness” what do you think of?

Hot sweaty, smelly rooms, filled with weights, scary looking machines of some kind of torture, and a drill sergeant like instructor shouting to go harder? Or maybe the overly enthusiastic lady from the Specsavers add?

For too many people that word harbours a negative picture, one that causes physical pain or discomfort, along with some self-conscious thoughts. I am “too un-fit”, “too fat”, “too jiggly” or just “I wouldn’t be able for that”. What if your mind really believed that a change would help your body feel better?

What happens if we start our “Fitness” journey from the inside? 

The secret to making any change is to make sure it is one you are committed to, and to commit to anything it has to add value to your life. If you start with the “Why”, the “how” is always a lot easier!! We all know that food and exercise go hand in hand, but we shouldn’t forget that the mind and body are also supposed to work together. I like to get clients to explain the why. It doesn’t have to be said out loud, I don’t even really have to know but if you don’t think about the real reason for making this change now, you probably haven’t let your brain know what’s actually going on!

All of my clients start from somewhere different. No two people ever have the exact same reasons for wanting to make a change, even though I hear the same goals a lot…..

I want to* tone up *lose weight *fit into _ size * feel fitter

Whatever your end goal your “Why” is probably to FEEL GOOD.

Choosing workouts that you enjoy makes your brain happy. Your body might ache and scream at you for a day or two but if you had a good time, I bet your brain convinces you to go again!  If you did a class or workout that bored you to tears, brain says NO. And that is the end of your fitness plan this time…….sound familiar???

The happier the brain gets, the more this spills over into your everyday life. You become more likely to relax, laugh and be good to yourself. You will eat better, treat yourself to the little pampering treats that make you feel good on the outside. Massage, nails, pedicure, reiki, lunch with friends, choosing to eat well and rest when you need, all the little things that make you smile. It becomes a happiness addiction!

You might also find that you deal far better with stress, and the anxiety of day to day. A healthy mind can pretty much get you through anything! So if you are thinking about making a change to your fitness program, or starting one, your brain is already half way there. Go find a class, trainer, sport or activity that gives you that buzz and you’re off!

This is different for everyone. You might love a dancy class like Zumba or Piloxing, maybe Bootcamp or Boxing is right up your street. You could find you love to lift weights, swing kettle bells or maybe a core, flexibility or yoga class is your ticket. There is lots on offer so go on and something a try!

Never be afraid to ask for advice on what classes or workouts are best for you, on food plans or on mind set and goal planning. Your trainer or instructor is there to help you, and if you are looking for something that they can’t provide we all have people that we would recommend. Most of us got into the fitness business to help people achieve their goals, and feel good and we will do whatever we can to make that happen!

Most importantly of all, never let a busy schedule be your reason for not looking after your fitness! Time is always going to in short supply, but your health, both physical and mental are far too important not become part of your daily routine. Finding an activity that fits your schedule can be tough, but can always be done. After all you are the most important project you will ever work on xx

For me getting back to fitness after my 4th baby was much more a mental and emotional lifeline, than a physical challenge. And this has continued to be the case through the last few very tough years …… I needed a space in which to clear my head, to let some stress out, and just be. The peace, energy and strength this gave me was amazing and I get to help other people do the same…… truly is a job I love!

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