Who are you waiting for?

The question most asked when you thinking about starting something new is “What are you waiting for?”

I know that there are thousands of right answers ( acceptable excuses if we are going to call a spade a spade) and they can justify putting off the smallest undertaking by another 10 minutes or a day, a week, another year…….. but what if its the question that is the problem not the answers?


I don’t mean that perhaps you want someone else to do it for you, although in all honesty this is why the grout in my en-suite hasn’t been cleaned yet, don’t judge me!

I wonder are we waiting for the permission or justification from someone to be allowed to start? Encouragement and accountability are wonderful things when it comes to new projects, particularly with health and fitness. Someone to keep us on track and motivated is great…..but why would we wait till we are told that its ok or a good idea? How many times have you told a friend over coffee about your “plan” to get fit and waited eagerly to be told that it is a great idea? Maybe even hoped they would commit to joining you…..

We look for this not because we are flawed or weak but because we are social creatures. We have been raised to believe that other peoples opinions matter and while this is sometimes true, when it comes to your own goals and dreams for you, frankly no one else can give you permission for that.

If you are really ready to change, want to start working towards a big fitness, work or personal project your own justification has to be enough. Find permission for yourself and you will find your goals and dreams suddenly look alot closer.

What will you give yourself permission for this year?


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