No time like the present!


So I guess we really didn’t see that coming did we?

Real life feels like the unexpected plot twist in a crazy sci-fi end of the world movie……

(side note, who gets to play you in the on screen version? Answers in the comments!)

Stuck/safe in our homes,depending on your perspective, and forced to attempt to keep some kind of routine in a seemingly never ending cycle of bad news and ever extending end dates. Not the #2020 I signed up for.

You have a choice to make;

  1. Spend indefinite time period in pjs, lounging aimlessly, snacking mindlessly and indulging in occasional/constant wallowing in self pity
  2. Use some of this imposed down time to get shit done!

No judgement here, I will throw my hands up straight away and tell you that my #lockdown will most definitely be a combination of both of these fine choices, but I know that when this is all over, and it will be one day, I would 100% hate myself for wasting time that was literally gift wrapped and forced into my hands.

Ok hear me out…….

I recently, in an effort to make better use of my time did an exercise in time wasters, and found that yeah social media needed a little cull, but 14 hours of my week were actually spent on running to and fro with school pick ups, drop offs, extra curricular activities, and the general hanging around waiting mum stuff. 14 hours……that is almost 2 working days!

So I could get annoyed at the fact that my kids and I are all stuck at home, all trying to use the wi-fi (yes we actually had to put a rota in place) and struggling to not drive each other nuts, or I can genuinely celebrate the fact fact that the universe decided to hand me 14 hours of my precious time back.

I am going to use it. For me. For things that I have wanted/needed to do for ages and for the occasional Nexflix binge.

Look around and see what half finished projects you would love to pick up. Check out recipes online or in the cookbooks that have been too often over looked in the hustle. Have a search for online courses, webinars, challenges and try new things.

Despite being stuck/safe at home the world is still very literally at your fingertips. You just have to choose xx

We are sharing some of our favourite free courses, webinars and our own #lockdown challenge over on Instagram! Check out @fitttrain to see whats out there

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