Why the first step is the hardest

You know the score here ladies and gents, you have decided to make a change! The new diet/fitness class/meditation starts Monday! ( we always pick Monday right?)

Sunday night we are all ready, mentally psyched up, ITS HAPPENING! And then boom…….Monday comes and goes and you have made no change and 101 excuses. Sound familiar?

So reality check….never start on Monday. Choose any other day and psychology says you are more likely to succeed. Outside of that why didn’t we do it? What was the hang up? What was stopping you?

YOU. STOPPED. YOU.Or rather you let fear stop you.

Fear is a funny thing. It is actually highly useful when you are being chased by a tiger, or burning lava or jumping out of a plane( which by the way is amazing and terrifying in equal measure) but why are you afraid of starting a new fitness plan?

Fear of what might happen, fear of failing or just the not knowing can hold you back.

Now you have to decide do you want to give in to it or walk through the fear and change it anyway. My advice is always to jump in!

The first step needs to be small. Something so simple that your brain almost forgets to respond with that fear factor. This way you can just have it done before even you realize. Its like sneaking healthy habits in under your own nose.

For example if you need to drink more water, pop a glass on the nightstand and make a deal with yourself that you will drink it before you turn the alarm off. Simple.

Want to get that home workout in before the kids get up? Lay out the workout gear the night before and put it straight on before you faf about checking your social posts, wiping the counters again or making that second coffee. Adding these tiny first steps chip away at the end goal in an almost seamless fashion and before you know it you are 5 steps closer to that big scary goal! Winner!

Now that is not to say you wont have off days; you are human, it happens. Its remembering to dust them off and move on, back to the baby steps at hand.

You may even need an accountability buddy. Did you know that we are more likely to stick with a plan if we actually say it out loud to someone? A friend, partner, your social media friends, or even more persistently annoying, one of your children. If you tell this person that you are committing to X change and ask them to check in, they will because they are invested in your well being…….sometimes even more than you are.

Which brings me to the most important part of any first step. You need to believe that you are worth the effort. You are a priority, you do deserve to feel your best and you are worth the time it will take to get there. You need to believe this in order to really stay committed.

So whatever first step you need to take to reach that goal, please make sure that along the way you reach a point where you know you deserve the very best results possible x

What will your first step be??

Love, Jess xxx

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