Find your Flow

For so many women the struggle to balance work, family and their own health is a constant battle .The pressure to maintain everything takes its toll daily often leading to fatigue, stress ,guilt and ulitmately burn out. After all aren’t we supposed to do it all and make it look easy?

The fitness and weight loss industry is a mulit billion dollar wheel peddling all manner of programs, potions and pills aimed at getting us quick, easy, often expensive results. Most women between 30-45 have tried at least 4 diets or systems with varied results.

The majority of plans focusing on calorie restriction and increased movement will get you the weight loss and health benefits that you desire……until you stop.

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You finally decide that this is it. You are going to do something about the extra weight/ lack of fitness/ low energy this time. You choose (insert name of popular plan, probably reccomended by friend or endorsed by celebrity) pay up for the 4, 6 or 8 weeks, sign up to monthly subscription for product and get stuck in.

The first week is tricky but you are still determined to do this. Week 2 and 3 are good as the scales are starting to move and the new habits are forming….so far so good. There is probably a little slip off course in week 4, you can easily explain this by stress at work, family emergency/occasion or time of the month, but you suck it up and get stuck back in. Cycle repeats. Yep, those cravings each month are a killer and that week you don’t have the energy to exercise it a write off but you make up for it by pushing extra hard and really cutting back the next week.

In a couple of months you have seen a difference so you decide to go all out on that holiday……diet out the window and no way are you exercising are week off. Two weeks go by. Then 3. You tell yourself you will start again Monday. No next Monday. Actually maybe next month? And all the sudden you are heavier than you were before you began, feeling all kinds of guilt for falling off the wagon and wasting that money on products stacking up in the press.

Three months later you get an invite to a friends wedding. Panic stations! Start process again, insert new popular plan because this one might be different. Hands up if you know the story.

I have heard this hundreds of times from clients, colleagues and friends. You blame your lack of commitment, your lack of time, your lack of funds……..but what if I told you it wasnt you?

Most programs are built in a linear fashion, that is to say you repeat the same foods, workouts, rest days every week. But ladies that is not how your body works!

Think about it. Every month your body cycles through a series of hormone changes which affect your mood, energy, cravings, pain threshold and the likelyhood of injury or strain. If we ignore these changes (like most programs ask us to) then we are literally fighting with every cell in our being. How is that approach supposed to last the long haul?

There is a better way.

I have always been striving to develop a training program that helped women to work with their bodies and make the most out of each week of our menstrual cycle. This system will help you to tailor your food, fitness, self care and productivity to create an effective system that works with our natural hormones and energy levels.

Did you know that during your period your body requires more carbohydrates? Those chocolate cravings have been trying to tell you something all these years! And just like the moon goes dark at the New moon phase, we tend to shrink away, get a little introverted and even more intuitive at this time. How can that translate to your fitness? If you ignore the singals and push through with the dietary restrictions and heavy workouts you can suffer additional pain, inflamation and exhaustion. Lean in a little, adjust the food intake, modify the workouts and you get natural pain relief, increased endorphins for better mood and the benefit of cell repair while you body is naturally focused on this. This can lead to better muscle tone and weight loss over all.

You can break this down week by week and rotate through each phase with ease. It becomes such a simple habit. It is literally a game changer.

This is the program that will go the distance! And best of all you learn to listen to your body so that you can always get what you need and see real results in less time than you thought possible.

By tapping into your natural rythyms you can burn more calories even when you rest, keep your metabolosim working for you and avoid overstress and injury. I know it works beacuse as a busy 42 year old mum of four and a business owner this suits me. It fits my limited time, allows me to put my energy into what is most efficent and still maintain great results without feeling restricted in my food or schedule. And even better, I am not tied to products each month, just real food and the supplements I choose for me.

I am so excited to share this with women everywhere who I know need a better way.

Doesn’t it sound like a great idea? You can get in touch here and talk it through. Lets find your flow x

Love, Jess

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