Start with great intentions

You might have noticed I didnt kick off January 1st with the whole “New year, new you” nonsense. As much as my profession plays on this old adage, I personally do not buy it.

There is absolutley nothing magical about the turning of a calendar page or chiming of a clock that will suddenly make you better.

I actually believe that the best way to approach this year is calmly, quietly and without and grand promise or declaration that it is your, or anyones year. We have been burned by that too many times this decade already.

If you can relate then keep reading!

This year is about balance, living in a better flow and getting so physically strong that I can carry a weeks food shopping all in one trip. Please dont confuse my start slow approach with a lack of focus or drive, I have that in spades I promise. I just think its time to be less pressured and more measured in work, fitness and everyday.

I have always been an all or nothing kinda girl. Honestly at this stage its probably my biggest weakness. So after 3 years of busting myself in so many ways to keep all the plates spinning I am trying to pratice what I preach.

Heres the truth. Fitness is a lifestyle not a quick fix so the start date has no consequence. Once you are on the path, it is for life so I really think you should be ready. Truly, honestly, I want this for me and no one else ready. Thats when the real results come, and they wont happen as quick as you like. If you start because you should, because you used to be thinner/fitter whatever, you make it conditional.

I have to workout for_____

Well, then its just another box on the to-do list. Another stressor. Another thing that you can fail at or mess up or do badly. Not fun. If you want it to last its got to be more than that.

It also should’nt add hours of inconvience to your week. We all have other things to do and if you go too hard to fit too much at the start you will burn out.

This is about adding a manageable and healthy routine not adding stress. Start with a class/workout/walk and add on. Little by litttle the extra doesnt feel like extra work.

Being strong and fit is actually an addiction in itself so the more you move the more you want to move. Its becomes a part of your life, a habit and non-negotiable. Thats where it gets magic.

The same truth applies any habit you want to change or improve. Small, actionable changes that slowly but surely get you a little closer to the end goal. No hard and fast rules, that I for one would totally look for ways to break, but instead a few really well meant intentions. And a calm and measured plan.

How do you do that? Just pick one thing and commit. Take a class. Change one food habit. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier. The one successful change will inspire you to more success. Just imagine if you achieved one small win every week…..this year really could be, well anything you want really x

New year, better me, one week at a time. Who’s with me?

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