Self love and goldilocks vibes

You remember the story about Goldilocks and the three bears right?

Little girl alone in the woods finds a house and proceeds to test all the porridge and all the beds. One is always too hot, one too cold and one is just right. When I was little I thought Goldilocks was a little bit too picky. Plus I was always concerned about where here parents were….and that tells you plenty about my issues!!!

But now I think I finally get it. We arent supposed to settle for something that isnt quite right. It should be just the right fit, especially when it comes to our nourishment, rest and care. That girl had it all figured out.

Ok except for maybe the trespassing into woodland creatures homes!

Which brings me to one of todays top buzz words. SELF LOVE.

We should be able to embrace this term and all that it stands for with nothing but positivity and pure joy. But more often than not I feel a little involuntary eye roll when I say it out loud, and I am willing to bet most of you do too!

I see so many of my friends and clients struggle to go from the decades of self critisisim and doubt and simply fast forward to self love. These things are just a step or two too far apart. Its just not quite right.

So we look to the next best thing, SELF CARE. And still I wonder if this term really hits the mark either. If self love is the slightly too self indulgent princess then self care is her slightly hard worn, hard done by friend who needs some TLC before she hits burnout.

Self care is what we give ourselves when we feel low, worn or broken. Not enough of us are using this as a non-negotiable daily pratice to simpily live our best lives. This one is a little too cold…..

So where to? How do we learn to value our own well being, to show ourselves the kindness and respect that we crave, thrive off and deserve.

Here is a simple question that helps me every time.

Am I worth it?

We all know the answer to this thanks to a worldwide cosmetics company who shall remain nameless 🙂

When I apply this question to my everyday to do’s that may sometimes seem too much, things like making time for my workout, choosing the food options that make me feel great, blocking 30 minutes away from my kids and my business, saying no to a client because I need a day off or even booking the massage that is long overdue, it really puts it in perspective.

You are worth better health. You are worth great nutrition. You are worth a little time to reset and breath. You are worth a day off to get stuff done, or do nothing. SELF WORTH is the step we need.

And once you can start treating your health, your body and your time with the value it deserves it spills over into every aspect of your life.

Allowing yourself to be worthy of the small stuff makes you feel better. And like any small step it leads to bigger, more exciting things. Who knows, maybe we can all embrace self love wholeheartedly without the eye roll soon. For now for at least, self worth fits just right x

For some great exercises on building and exploring your self worth check out The Worthy Project, by Meadow DeVor

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