Creating Momentum

I want to talk today about the difference between motivation and momentum, because I think we often get a little confused.

So we talked in the previous episode about finding your why, that why is your driving force, it’s your motivation. It’s the thing that is supposed to keep you going even on the very hardest day. But have you ever just not been able to get started?

You have your reason, you have the goal. You know you want it and yet nothing happens. This is where we’ve got to learn to understand the difference between being motivated and creating momentum towards that goal. Motivation is a really funny thing. We talk about it, we throw the word out there and we put up motivational posts in the mornings and they’re supposed to inspire and drive you, but they don’t push you off the chair into that first step. It is super important that you create that for yourself. So this is where we really have to start throwing these excuses out the window and really be accountable for our own actions!!

If like me, you can maybe have a tendency to overthink, perhaps not want to do anything until you’re able to do it just right. Really want to get it perfect. What is perfect?

You can actually create a state of paralysis by continuing to look for that perfect moment. The perfect reason, the perfect habit to create…… massive spoiler alerts….. there is no perfect!

There’s no perfect time. There’s no perfect step. There is no perfect way to do anything, there’s only what you can do right now. And that in the moment is exactly right.

Get out of your own way and don’t stop you from reaching those goals. It is the teeny tiny steps along the way that will actually get you to that end goal. Not a giant leap forward.

Imagine for example, you want to run a marathon. I say imagine because I really can’t imagine that, 26.2 miles. That’s a big scary chunk, and I doubt very much if I kept looking at the 26 mile marker that I’d even want to start with the first step. But what if I simply broke it down a mile at a time, one foot in front of the other? I could actually make a good impact inside of a week, or a month or a year.

If, for example, you have set yourself a goal to lose X amount of weight, that number that big number might seem overwhelming. So why not start with the first pound? Just break it down. Don’t sit there stuck, not being able to celebrate the tiny steps because you’re not as close to the end goal as you would like to be.

Remember, when you started secondary school, high school or college, your end goal was to finish right? If you think back to that time it seemed so far away. But looking back, whether it was four years, seven years, however long you spent studying to finish and tick that box, it’s gone in the blink of an eye. And it’s all the teeny tiny steps, small assignments, the single individual classes. They’re the things that got you to the end.

Yet when it comes to our health and well being, we don’t break it down that way.

Another way that people tend to really create a stagnant state of being is by looking at the negatives. We don’t really achieve well, by focusing on the things we don’t do, the things we can’t do, or the things that we’re not good at. That’s simply going to set you back. What if you focused on the positive? What if I told you that every aspect of a healthy lifestyle was about adding value?

With that in mind, what if instead of taking away all the things we know we’re not supposed to do, we just add in one thing that we are supposed to be doing. One thing that makes us feel better. One thing that gives us more energy. One thing that takes us one step closer to the end goal of our healthiest, happiest self.

I know that that makes it sound super simple, but I promise you, that is the secret!

If you focus on adding in value, adding in healthy habits eventually when you add enough, there won’t be any room left for the bad habits. There won’t be any room left the negative and you will be living your best version of you before you know it. You’re laughing and rolling your eyes and I get that I can hear it from here. (That’s the mommy in me)

But honestly, start today. Start first thing in the morning. Why do you think I released this at 6am just in case you were wondering. It’s to give you that kick in the balls first thing in the morning, when you are at your most motivated. All

you need to do is decide to add one thing that brings you closer to your healthy goal. For example, you want to eat better. Start with one clean, healthy meal made from scratch, in your own kitchen and do it first thing in the morning. You can then tick off that box. Healthy Habits done for today! It’s a little gold star that should keep you going for the rest of your day. Feeling good about making that choice and knowing that you’re on the right track.

Just do it. Nike said it best guys. You can’t argue with that tagline.

Once it’s done, goldstar, box ticked, move on with your day with that satisfaction of knowing you completed your goal. We are all at heart, just giant children. We need to be praised. We need to be told how great we are. And we actually need to learn to do that for ourselves. So create your little tick boxes. Get a chart of gold stars if that’s what it takes. But make sure that every day you add that one health habit until that habit is just part of your norm. Then you can move on to the next one.

Some habits will take a little longer than others. But at the end of the day, it’s not about the speed. It’s about the momentum. Create that momentum for yourself every single day. And the motivation to stay going, will come! They two very different things, but you’re in charge of both. No excuses from now on. Choose your healthy habits, and take a step.

We are here to help and I can’t wait to hear how your first step into a healthy life goes. Have a super week.



Is your WHY big enough?

Last week we talked about why taking the first step is the hardest. And hopefully, you don’t get fired up right. You made all the plans. And you even made a stairs. First day you going great, second day done. But then you got up and it just didn’t go your way. Trust us. You are 100% Normal. You are not bad at making changes, you are not a disaster, and you’re certainly not a failure. You are in fact exactly the same as 99% of the population.

You see all the best plans for the first step into something new, will not carry you through, if your why is not big enough. Today we’re going to get a little personal, I’m going to introduce you to my why and hopefully help you see that with a great reason you can always carry on.

I’m gonna take you back 15 years to a time where things were really bright and breezy for me to be fair. I was just giving birth to my third child, he was six weeks old, I had two boys, a new house and really happy relationship. And then on one very bright sunny afternoon in a split second, everything changed.

My eldest son was knocked down and suffered serious head injuries. And what passed in the couple of years after that was something I wouldn’t wish on anyone and probably the hardest thing I’ve gone through in my life. It was certainly the biggest driver for change in an instant.

So, being that I am a complete control freak…… I admit this readily, all of a sudden, so many things were in control. As a mother, I wasn’t able to help protect or fix one of my children, and life was completely turned upside down.

I actually felt incredibly insignificant, a failure. It was a conversation about three days after the accident, with a very compassionate GP that sparked something in me.

I hadn’t slept between going in and out of Intensive care and minding a six week old baby and I was really struggling to keep it together. My doctor suggested that perhaps I needed some anti anxiety medication, something just to take the edge off which sounds like a perfectly reasonable thing. I wouldn’t judge anyone for it but for me, I just knew that if I couldn’t keep it together right now when they needed me the most, I would never be able to get it back together. So in that moment for me my why became really, really obvious. My why was to be able to be present for my family.

Through everything that’s happened since that is still my reason. Not to say that there aren’t hard days, there always are. But once you find that joy or that thing that’s genuinely good, then, you know that any decision you make that will make you better more capable, or present for whoever or whatever it is that drives you, is always the right decision.

There’s been several more moments in the past 15 years where my why has been tested, and you will always have tests!

I have learned that I’m supposed to reevaluate how I do things, how I turn up, and whether my choices are really serving my family. It’s often in a crisis that we recognize what is most important to us. And if something hurts brings a tear to your eye, or a lump in your throat then you know it really matters.

So when you make that change to take that step into a healthier life, your why has got to be the driving force. If too much of you goes into anyone thing, is it serving that larger purpose?

You’ve got to have something so big and scary, that you’re failing just isn’t an option.

It might be your children, it might be your parents, it could be your partner. If you’re really lucky, it could actually be you. It’s taken me, at least 15 years to take my why, and really be able to turn it in on myself. I have found that I have to be present, happy and healthy to best serve them, so I have become my reason!

It is okay to want to be better. It is, in fact, awesome. You should always be your own why. Take a few minutes and write down the things that are most important to you and don’t apologize for being on that list!

Why the first step is the hardest

You know the score here ladies and gents, you have decided to make a change! The new diet/fitness class/meditation starts Monday! ( we always pick Monday right?)

Sunday night we are all ready, mentally psyched up, ITS HAPPENING! And then boom…….Monday comes and goes and you have made no change and 101 excuses. Sound familiar?

So reality check….never start on Monday. Choose any other day and psychology says you are more likely to succeed. Outside of that why didn’t we do it? What was the hang up? What was stopping you?

YOU. STOPPED. YOU.Or rather you let fear stop you.

Fear is a funny thing. It is actually highly useful when you are being chased by a tiger, or burning lava or jumping out of a plane( which by the way is amazing and terrifying in equal measure) but why are you afraid of starting a new fitness plan?

Fear of what might happen, fear of failing or just the not knowing can hold you back.

Now you have to decide do you want to give in to it or walk through the fear and change it anyway. My advice is always to jump in!

The first step needs to be small. Something so simple that your brain almost forgets to respond with that fear factor. This way you can just have it done before even you realize. Its like sneaking healthy habits in under your own nose.

For example if you need to drink more water, pop a glass on the nightstand and make a deal with yourself that you will drink it before you turn the alarm off. Simple.

Want to get that home workout in before the kids get up? Lay out the workout gear the night before and put it straight on before you faf about checking your social posts, wiping the counters again or making that second coffee. Adding these tiny first steps chip away at the end goal in an almost seamless fashion and before you know it you are 5 steps closer to that big scary goal! Winner!

Now that is not to say you wont have off days; you are human, it happens. Its remembering to dust them off and move on, back to the baby steps at hand.

You may even need an accountability buddy. Did you know that we are more likely to stick with a plan if we actually say it out loud to someone? A friend, partner, your social media friends, or even more persistently annoying, one of your children. If you tell this person that you are committing to X change and ask them to check in, they will because they are invested in your well being…….sometimes even more than you are.

Which brings me to the most important part of any first step. You need to believe that you are worth the effort. You are a priority, you do deserve to feel your best and you are worth the time it will take to get there. You need to believe this in order to really stay committed.

So whatever first step you need to take to reach that goal, please make sure that along the way you reach a point where you know you deserve the very best results possible x

What will your first step be??

Love, Jess xxx

Are you ok?

“Are you ok?”
How many times do we ask and answer this question?
Is the answer we give ever the whole truth? I am going to hazard a guess that the answer to that is no.
I mean of course it is 100% acceptable to just reply to the Steve on the checkout with a standard, yeah all good answer (the poor guy does not want or need the details of the argument you had with the other half before leaving this morning, the pressures of your totally unfair work load or to know how little sleep you got last night because of the kids)
However when the question comes from your significant other, a friend or family member, who does it serve to just give the standard reply? Or is it that you haven’t really examined the truth for yourself……..
I spent years convincing myself that I was ok, just so that I could give the “yeah all is good” answer and not feel guilty about it. But eventually, you have to be able to be honest and say that maybe I am not alright with me.
That is not to say that I thought I was a bad person, bad mother (some days!) or even that I was failing in any particular aspect of life. I just wasn’t really being the person I wanted to be. I was too caught up in rushing to the next meeting or pick up, chasing the next target or promotion, keeping things running smoothly at the expense of my own feelings. I spent years literally taking myself for granted in a way that I would not dream of doing to someone I love! Sound familiar?
For so many people right now, in the midst of social distancing, you are possibly coming to terms with that fact that you are not actually ok. Physically you are healthy maybe even what you consider to be fit. Hopefully you have a network of people who are there to support you, family and friends and co-workers who are touching base. A roof over your head and food on the table and access to entertainment and communications, all of which make us blessed in so many ways, and even with all of that, you do not feel good with you.
The real truth is;
“I have no home but me.” Anne Truit

If that is the case, and you are not at home in yourself, how could you be alright?
What can you do to make amends with yourself? How can you make you better?
Start by admitting to the oversights, the harsh thoughts and the down right neglect you have put yourself through! You do not need to always come last, not even where the kids are concerned! You will be a better parent if you have the things you need.
Think about or write down any negative thought you have had about yourself in the last 3 days………Shocking stuff once you start, I mean I really would not be friends with me on my worst days! Can you imagine saying those things to a friend, sister, daughter? Nope.
Turn those statements around and instead of berating yourself for your perceived short comings, simply add them to a mental or physical “I can improve on”…….list
I have a daily “I can improve by being more patient” dialogue going, but I know I am getting better at waiting for it to actually happen(lol)
Really ask yourself what you could do today to make you feel better, feel more at home in your head or in your own skin. Some days the answer is nothing, as in I need to sit still and do nothing, and that is a totally acceptable answer. You might find the little things you have denied yourself for the sake of weight loss, healthy eating, beauty might provide you a little glimmer of happiness and make you feel a little better than do it. Life is too short to never eat the cake.
Most importantly come to terms with not being 100% ok all the time, and remember that the honest answer is normally the best one, unless its Steve at the checkout!
What will you do today to be a better friend to yourself?
Let me know x

No time like the present!


So I guess we really didn’t see that coming did we?

Real life feels like the unexpected plot twist in a crazy sci-fi end of the world movie……

(side note, who gets to play you in the on screen version? Answers in the comments!)

Stuck/safe in our homes,depending on your perspective, and forced to attempt to keep some kind of routine in a seemingly never ending cycle of bad news and ever extending end dates. Not the #2020 I signed up for.

You have a choice to make;

  1. Spend indefinite time period in pjs, lounging aimlessly, snacking mindlessly and indulging in occasional/constant wallowing in self pity
  2. Use some of this imposed down time to get shit done!

No judgement here, I will throw my hands up straight away and tell you that my #lockdown will most definitely be a combination of both of these fine choices, but I know that when this is all over, and it will be one day, I would 100% hate myself for wasting time that was literally gift wrapped and forced into my hands.

Ok hear me out…….

I recently, in an effort to make better use of my time did an exercise in time wasters, and found that yeah social media needed a little cull, but 14 hours of my week were actually spent on running to and fro with school pick ups, drop offs, extra curricular activities, and the general hanging around waiting mum stuff. 14 hours……that is almost 2 working days!

So I could get annoyed at the fact that my kids and I are all stuck at home, all trying to use the wi-fi (yes we actually had to put a rota in place) and struggling to not drive each other nuts, or I can genuinely celebrate the fact fact that the universe decided to hand me 14 hours of my precious time back.

I am going to use it. For me. For things that I have wanted/needed to do for ages and for the occasional Nexflix binge.

Look around and see what half finished projects you would love to pick up. Check out recipes online or in the cookbooks that have been too often over looked in the hustle. Have a search for online courses, webinars, challenges and try new things.

Despite being stuck/safe at home the world is still very literally at your fingertips. You just have to choose xx

We are sharing some of our favourite free courses, webinars and our own #lockdown challenge over on Instagram! Check out @fitttrain to see whats out there

Who are you waiting for?

The question most asked when you thinking about starting something new is “What are you waiting for?”

I know that there are thousands of right answers ( acceptable excuses if we are going to call a spade a spade) and they can justify putting off the smallest undertaking by another 10 minutes or a day, a week, another year…….. but what if its the question that is the problem not the answers?


I don’t mean that perhaps you want someone else to do it for you, although in all honesty this is why the grout in my en-suite hasn’t been cleaned yet, don’t judge me!

I wonder are we waiting for the permission or justification from someone to be allowed to start? Encouragement and accountability are wonderful things when it comes to new projects, particularly with health and fitness. Someone to keep us on track and motivated is great…..but why would we wait till we are told that its ok or a good idea? How many times have you told a friend over coffee about your “plan” to get fit and waited eagerly to be told that it is a great idea? Maybe even hoped they would commit to joining you…..

We look for this not because we are flawed or weak but because we are social creatures. We have been raised to believe that other peoples opinions matter and while this is sometimes true, when it comes to your own goals and dreams for you, frankly no one else can give you permission for that.

If you are really ready to change, want to start working towards a big fitness, work or personal project your own justification has to be enough. Find permission for yourself and you will find your goals and dreams suddenly look alot closer.

What will you give yourself permission for this year?


Starting fitness from the inside

When you hear the word “Fitness” what do you think of?

Hot sweaty, smelly rooms, filled with weights, scary looking machines of some kind of torture, and a drill sergeant like instructor shouting to go harder? Or maybe the overly enthusiastic lady from the Specsavers add?

For too many people that word harbours a negative picture, one that causes physical pain or discomfort, along with some self-conscious thoughts. I am “too un-fit”, “too fat”, “too jiggly” or just “I wouldn’t be able for that”. What if your mind really believed that a change would help your body feel better?

What happens if we start our “Fitness” journey from the inside? 

The secret to making any change is to make sure it is one you are committed to, and to commit to anything it has to add value to your life. If you start with the “Why”, the “how” is always a lot easier!! We all know that food and exercise go hand in hand, but we shouldn’t forget that the mind and body are also supposed to work together. I like to get clients to explain the why. It doesn’t have to be said out loud, I don’t even really have to know but if you don’t think about the real reason for making this change now, you probably haven’t let your brain know what’s actually going on!

All of my clients start from somewhere different. No two people ever have the exact same reasons for wanting to make a change, even though I hear the same goals a lot…..

I want to* tone up *lose weight *fit into _ size * feel fitter

Whatever your end goal your “Why” is probably to FEEL GOOD.

Choosing workouts that you enjoy makes your brain happy. Your body might ache and scream at you for a day or two but if you had a good time, I bet your brain convinces you to go again!  If you did a class or workout that bored you to tears, brain says NO. And that is the end of your fitness plan this time…….sound familiar???

The happier the brain gets, the more this spills over into your everyday life. You become more likely to relax, laugh and be good to yourself. You will eat better, treat yourself to the little pampering treats that make you feel good on the outside. Massage, nails, pedicure, reiki, lunch with friends, choosing to eat well and rest when you need, all the little things that make you smile. It becomes a happiness addiction!

You might also find that you deal far better with stress, and the anxiety of day to day. A healthy mind can pretty much get you through anything! So if you are thinking about making a change to your fitness program, or starting one, your brain is already half way there. Go find a class, trainer, sport or activity that gives you that buzz and you’re off!

This is different for everyone. You might love a dancy class like Zumba or Piloxing, maybe Bootcamp or Boxing is right up your street. You could find you love to lift weights, swing kettle bells or maybe a core, flexibility or yoga class is your ticket. There is lots on offer so go on and something a try!

Never be afraid to ask for advice on what classes or workouts are best for you, on food plans or on mind set and goal planning. Your trainer or instructor is there to help you, and if you are looking for something that they can’t provide we all have people that we would recommend. Most of us got into the fitness business to help people achieve their goals, and feel good and we will do whatever we can to make that happen!

Most importantly of all, never let a busy schedule be your reason for not looking after your fitness! Time is always going to in short supply, but your health, both physical and mental are far too important not become part of your daily routine. Finding an activity that fits your schedule can be tough, but can always be done. After all you are the most important project you will ever work on xx

For me getting back to fitness after my 4th baby was much more a mental and emotional lifeline, than a physical challenge. And this has continued to be the case through the last few very tough years …… I needed a space in which to clear my head, to let some stress out, and just be. The peace, energy and strength this gave me was amazing and I get to help other people do the same…… truly is a job I love!

Time to take on something new

So we are happily settled in our new home( well pretty much…there are still a few bits to finish) and never one to rest on my laurels I have decided to take on a new project.

Something has been nagging at me for years to get the online platform ready and finally after a lot of research, a stalled start and a good many sleepless nights, I have found my system!

You see I do believe that you can achieve anything if you are willing to work for it, just look at how much the studio and fabulous community here have grown! I also know how much work goes into setting something up from the ground. Sometimes the answer is simpler than you thought.

For a long time I have followed some amazing online Fitness coaches who are real inspiration to me. They have a great system, a super community and most of all they GET RESULTS! Results are what we really want…. it is what motivates you as clients and me as a trainer. I believe that what I need to deliver is a results driven program and rather than start from scratch this time I am going to use the tools and systems already tried and tested and be able to reach out and deliver to people not just here, but anywhere! I am so freaking excited!!!!!!

Not only do I get to launch my online program properly and reach out to ladies who are too far away to make classes here, profesionals who work crazy hours and need a portable system, and mamas who work even crazier hours and need a plan that fits the most hectic schedule, but best of all……….

This time I don,t have to do it alone!

If you are now or ever have been self employed you know that there can be very long and lonely days. The weight of all the jobs from cleaning the floors to marketing to cash reporting and customer falls to you. And in the very early stages you cant always justify the outlay for help. Sometimes it is just stubbornness and ego and this is a terrible combination.

Learning to look for support, to ask for help when you need and to get out of your own way is tough, but wow is it worth it! I am now about to launch something that was only a pipe dream for so long and I have a tribe of people behind me who are there to support me through it.

When you are looking for solutions remember to be open to possibilities. Ask for help when you can and never let your ego get in the way of being part of something wonderful. The opportunities are there for you if you are willing to see them.

Are you ready to start something new? We are happy to help,

Jess x

Three things to get you started

Simple changesadd up toGreat results


So you want to get fit? Or fitter. Perhaps you aren’t ready to brave a class, or maybe your work schedule is hectic. Or maybe you cant find the time between everyone else’s demands….kids, family, dog, boss….the list is endless.

These are all really valid reasons for not reaching your goals, right? Ah nope, no dice!


Honestly if you want something enough you will find a way, not an excuse! But you might just have to start at home ( where all the best things start!)

I am a big believer in these 3 exercises, and if you are consistent you can make a difference to your fitness in a matter of weeks. So find a little space and commit a little time to adding these 3 things!


Can you skip? You should! Go and treat yourself to a skipping rope. Hands up it is easier with a nice leather one (watch the backs of the claves though while you get used to it! Ouch!!) but your pound shop finest will do. Start small, 2-3 minutes and see how hard it feels! Honestly this is a full body workout! Work up in time and watch your fitness steadily improve. Have you seen how fit boxers and fighters are? Have you seen them skip…..enough said.


Walking? Great! Now up the ante……

Whether it is just from your desk to the canteen, your kitchen to the front room or a fresh 5km, add walking lunges. Your thighs will burn, your backside will ache, and you will so thank me for it! This super simple exercise strikes fear into every client of mine! We do them with weights, without, in warm ups and leg sessions and wow are they effective. You are so welcome.


Core…… you have to add some core, and while I love a good plank, there is a safer, tougher and equally effective exercise for targeting that tummy. Get down on the floor lying flat on your back and raise one leg at a time into a 90 degree position, with the knee directly over the hip joint….no closer! Lift your head and shoulders slightly, lift those finger tips off the floor and hold while keeping your back completely in contact with the ground. And hold. And hold. And hold.  This one is torture!

Look it up, Pilates 100 position, and do it daily.


You see, you don’t need a lot of time or space or cash to make the first step towards a fitter, healthier, happier you………just 3 good exercises and a little dedication!


Let us know how you get on!!

If you want a little more direction get in touch, we are always happy to help!

Steps to a fitter life!

Its never easy to make a change. I recently read that as people we are only prompted to change something when the pain of doing nothing is greater that the effort of making a change.

Does that sound familiar?

How many times have you waited until something, a job, a relationship, a messy drawer, was so unbelievably difficult to live with that we had no choice but to make it stop?

What would life look like now if you had acted sooner? And what was it that held you back? What if you lived everyday with the intention of being a little better than yesterday?

When it comes to fitness I hear, and have made, plenty of “reasons” ……..

I don’t have time.

I won’t be able to keep up.

I will be too sore after my workout.

I am too tired.

I cant afford classes/membership/a trainer.

I will do it tomorrow.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!! Tomorrow never comes, you cant afford not to look after your health, you will have more energy after your workouts, the soreness subsides, you will keep your own pace, and if you have the time to read this, then you have the time for a workout!

Find a class you enjoy, bring a buddy for accountability, and put it in your diary like any other important appointment. Once you start keeping going is easy!

Sometimes you need to put the excuses to one side, dust off your can do attitude and just do it! Motivation is like any other muscle, you have to flex it regularly to keep it strong. But the great news is, it only takes one small step to put you on the path to a fitter life.



When you are ready, we are here waiting xx