Is your goal personal enough?

We are often reminded that we should have personal goals to aim for, things to keep us motivated (still hate that word) and moving forward towards that thing. It is very true that we do work better when we have something to work towards.

Think about the last time you had a big occasion, or holiday to get in shape for or the last project or presentation you had to really make an impact with. You grinded, grafted, set a structure and plowed through to the end. And hopefully et viola, huge success, goals smashed and you felt unstopable.

But then you stopped.

When there is not a big must do/be/achieve task or event what keeps you going? And this is where you gotta get truly personal.

I am totally guilty of creating huge goals in order to find momentum. Did it for years. I have recently found out that apparently we do not have to constantly change ourselves, or continue to make more, do more and be more. We are actually allowed to just be. Who knew?? *please read this in your most sarcastic tone and possibly throw in a teenage style dramatic eye roll…..

My biggest goal right now is to learn to just be. A this is so deeply personal that some days it hurts. Personally I need to grow, or you could say grow up, and be more measured. This goes against ever fibre of my being because its not shiny and new, exciting or sexy or even very fun. But to grow we have to go to where we are most uncomfortable, and thats where I am.

Now I will still eat well, maintain my workouts and mobility and work hard at my business. These things are all essential for my health and wellbeing and are non-negotiable. But I will be trying very hard to not add more for the sake of adding more. Can I tell you that honestly after far too many years of filling every single available hour with work, graft and serious trade offs the thought of having free time, stress free quality time to use as I please actually can reduce me to tears. It matters that much. And that is why I will keep committed to the plan. Especially on the hardest days.

You do not have to have huge goals to do the things. What about setting the maintain a happy, healthy and balanced weekly schedule where all your physical needs are met, you can attend to your responsibilties and still feel human at the end of it kind of goal?

Take a minute and think really hard about the one thing, that you can take control of, that would make your life better to the point where you would shed a happy tear or two, or even sit and sob into the cup of coffe that you have probably re-heated 3 times so far #momtroubles

I have never had a client tell me that loosing the last 7lbs would be the game changer that puts them on the path to their dream life. The last 7lbs, or even the first 7 will not matter enough on the rotten awful days where everything sucks and not even the simplest tasks are possible. *Spolier alert…….you dont really care about what you weigh. You care about how you feel.

Your goal has got to hit you in the feels.

Want to feel strong and capable no matter what life throws in your way? Get strong, physically strong. Connect to that feeling and it spills over into every part of your life.

Want to start feeling valued? Start valuing yourself, your time, your boundaries. Make a point of blocking time for you, staying commited to it. Say no if you have to double your work to do the favor or drive 3 times out of your way and dont have time. Let people see you value your time, energy and sanity and they will too.

Feel it, own it and commit to it, whatever it is. The personal goals are the only ones we stick with in the long run, Set yourself up for success and get personal.

If you want a helpful exercise in finding your personal “why” click here to give my favorite client exercise a go.

Happy goal setting x

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