Creating Momentum

I want to talk today about the difference between motivation and momentum, because I think we often get a little confused. So we talked in the previous episode about finding your why, that why is your driving force, it’s your motivation. It’s the thing that is supposed to keep you going even on the veryContinue reading “Creating Momentum”

Why the first step is the hardest

You know the score here ladies and gents, you have decided to make a change! The new diet/fitness class/meditation starts Monday! ( we always pick Monday right?) Sunday night we are all ready, mentally psyched up, ITS HAPPENING! And then boom…….Monday comes and goes and you have made no change and 101 excuses. Sound familiar?Continue reading “Why the first step is the hardest”

Starting fitness from the inside

When you hear the word “Fitness” what do you think of? Hot sweaty, smelly rooms, filled with weights, scary looking machines of some kind of torture, and a drill sergeant like instructor shouting to go harder? Or maybe the overly enthusiastic lady from the Specsavers add? For too many people that word harbours a negativeContinue reading “Starting fitness from the inside”

Time to take on something new

So we are happily settled in our new home( well pretty much…there are still a few bits to finish) and never one to rest on my laurels I have decided to take on a new project. Something has been nagging at me for years to get the online platform ready and finally after a lotContinue reading “Time to take on something new”

Three things to get you started

  So you want to get fit? Or fitter. Perhaps you aren’t ready to brave a class, or maybe your work schedule is hectic. Or maybe you cant find the time between everyone else’s demands….kids, family, dog, boss….the list is endless. These are all really valid reasons for not reaching your goals, right? Ah nope,Continue reading “Three things to get you started”